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* Added basic HwCap class

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#ifndef HWCAP_H
#define HWCAP_H
namespace lima
class HwCap
enum Type {
Sync, Buffer, // Standard: these are mandatory
Roi, Bin, Flip, // Image
Kinetics, FrameTransfer,// Acquisition modes
Timing, // Read only detector timmings
SerialLine, // Generic detector serial line
Type getType() const;
void *getCtrlObj() const;
HwCap(Type type, void *ctrl_obj);
Type m_type;
void *m_ctrl_obj;
} // namespace lima
#endif // HWCAP_H
#include "HwCap.h"
using namespace lima;
HwCap::HwCap(Type type, void *ctrl_obj)
m_type = type;
m_ctrl_obj = ctrl_obj;
HwCap::Type HwCap::getType() const
return m_type;
void *HwCap::getCtrlObj() const
return m_ctrl_obj;
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