Commit 0404ac2f authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron
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lima_conda_build: improve conda environment management

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......@@ -60,14 +60,14 @@ src_dir=$(realpath ${src_dir})
echo "Source directory: ${src_dir}"
cd ${src_dir}
if [ -n "${conda_base}" ]; then
PATH=${conda_base}/bin:${PATH} . activate base
if [ -n "${conda_env}" ]; then
if ! type conda >& /dev/null; then
echo "Error: 'conda' not available. Please check your installation"
exit 1
if [ "$(type conda | head -n 1)" != "conda is a function" ]; then
if [ -z "${conda_base}" ]; then
echo "Must specify the Conda base directory"
source ${conda_base}/etc/profile.d/
conda activate ${conda_env}
elif [ -z "${CONDA_PREFIX}" ]; then
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