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    New Saving format HDF5, based on version 1.8.12 · b0707e35
    Laurent Claustre authored
    Thanks to Goeffrey Mant for the nice job !
    * Hdf5 third-party can be compiled now from scratch and installed as deps
    * fixed with Geoff some bugs in CtSaving_HDF5
    Made some progress, after discussion with Armando Sole and jerome Kieffer
    improve the group/dataset organisation.
    Modify CtSaving::_prepare to pass CtControl (needed for Hdf5)
    Add Multiset saving mode
    Close saving file at the end of acquisition or after a stopAcq
    improved hdf5 format, acq/image/detinfo parameters now saved
    added a calculate_chunk() function to optimized chunking vs image size
    fixed scalar attribute and scalar datatset instead of array
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