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    * changed Frelon::Camera Roi protocol: setRoi accepts any Roi, getRoi · 2467bd50
    ahoms authored
      returns the effective one, and checkRoi does both withouth hw changes
    * finished implementation of Frelon::Camera trigger mode, expusure
      and latency times, nb of frames and start/stop
    * added user FrameCallback to Espia::Acq; renamed AcqStatus -> Status
    * implemented Espia::BufferMgr wich concat frames and callbacks
    * added concat frames in buffer mgrs allocBuffers and getBufferPtr
    * changed [un]registerCallback in HwFrameCallbackGen (and derived)
      to recieve a reference to the callback object instead of its pointer
    * extended and moved GetDefMaxNbBuffers and ClearBuffer to MemUtils;
      buffer managers now have them as default implementation
    * print HwFrameInfoType::frame_timestamp with microsecond resolution;
      added ostream << X/YBorder and Corner operators
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