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[SCRIPTS] Add json_2_tango_res

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#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import sys
import argparse
import json
from contextlib import closing
def load_json_config(f):
json_str =
data = json.loads(json_str)
keys = ['executable', 'server', 'class', 'device', 'config']
missing_keys = [k for k in keys if k not in data]
if missing_keys:
raise RuntimeError(f'Invalid JSON config: missing keys: {missing_keys}')
json_lines = json_str.split('\n')
if json_lines[:1] != ['{'] or json_lines[-2:] != ['}', '']:
raise RuntimeError(f'Invalid JSON string: {json_str}')
config = None
indent = None
for l in json_lines[1:-2]:
if config is None:
entry_re = re.compile(r'(?P<indent>[ \t]+)"(?P<key>[^"]+)":[ \t]+'
m = entry_re.match(l)
if not m:
raise RuntimeError(f'Invalid JSON string: {json_str}')
if m['key'] != 'config':
if m['val'] != data[m['key']]:
raise RuntimeError(f'JSON parse mismatch: {l}')
elif not
raise RuntimeError(f'Unexpected JSON config line: {l}')
indent = m['indent']
config = []
if not l.startswith(indent):
raise RuntimeError(f'Unexpected JSON indent: {l}')
l = l[len(indent):]
if l == '}':
data['config'] = config
return data
def dump_tango_res(data):
data['klass'] = data['class']
out = ['{executable}/{server}/DEVICE/{klass}: "{device}"'.format(**data)]
out += ['']
device_line = '{device}->config: '.format(**data)
indent = ' ' * len(device_line)
config = data['config']
term = ',\\'
out += [device_line + config[0] + term]
for l in config[1:-1]:
l = l.replace('"', '\\"')
out += [f'{indent}"{l}"{term}']
out += [indent + config[-1]]
return '\n'.join(out)
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=('Tango DB res -> '
'JSON converter.'))
parser.add_argument('json_in', nargs='?', default='-',
help='input JSON file name or "-" for stdin')
parser.add_argument('res_out', nargs='?', default='-',
help='output Tango DB res. file name or "-" for stdout')
args = parser.parse_args()
out_file = sys.stdout if args.res_out == '-' else open(args.res_out, 'wt')
with closing(out_file):
in_file = sys.stdin if args.json_in == '-' else open(args.json_in, 'rt')
with closing(in_file):
data = load_json_config(in_file)
tango_res = dump_tango_res(data)
out_file.write(tango_res + '\n')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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