small fixed in Makefile

parent 007447cc
tutorial-objs = TutorialDetInfoCtrlObj.o TutorialSyncCtrlObj.o TutorialInterface.o TutorialCamera.o
v4l2-objs = V4L2DetInfoCtrlObj.o V4L2SyncCtrlObj.o V4L2Interface.o V4L2Camera.o
SRCS = $(tutorial-objs:.o=.cpp)
SRCS = $(v4l2-objs:.o=.cpp)
CXXFLAGS += -I../include -I../../../hardware/include -I../../../common/include -I../../../third-party/Processlib/core/include -pthread -fPIC -g
all: Tutorial.o
all: V4L2.o
Tutorial.o: $(tutorial-objs)
V4L2.o: $(v4l2-objs)
$(LD) -o $@ -r $+
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