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DOC: add Mellanox & eXtreme Network switches configuration:

* Setup of MAC -> port static mapping table
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.. note:: the 30 seconds timeout is necessary for large memory
allocations (long sequences)
Ethernet Switch
Some configuration must be made on the network switch in order ensure *Eiger* DAQ:
* Separation of VLANs for *Control* and *Data*
* The detector sends Ethernet/UDP data packets with the destination MAC/IP addresses.
This information is sent by the *slsDetector* client to the *eigerDetectorServer*
without the need of ARP transactions. The switch has no mean to know which ports
the data packets must be dispatched to, so they are sent to all the active ports.
This creates in important ammount of unnecessary traffic (~ N\ :superscript:`2`,
where N is the number of modules), with the corresponding activity on the Linux
network stack. A static *MAC -> port* mapping table for 10/40 Gbit backend
interfaces avoids this issue.
Mellanox Switch
The configuration of static *MAC -> port* mapping table is performed in the
*configure terminal* environment with the *mac-address-table static* command:
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] > enable
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] #
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] # configure terminal
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] (config) #
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] (config) # mac-address-table static E4:1D:2D:7C:18:72 vlan 1 interface ethernet 1/2
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] (config) # write memory
and can be verified with the *show mac-address-table* command:
switch-5d071c [standalone: unknown] > show mac-address-table
Switch ethernet-default
Vlan Mac Address Type Port
---- ----------- ---- ------------
1 E4:1D:2D:7C:18:41 Static Eth1/3
1 E4:1D:2D:7C:18:42 Static Eth1/5
1 E4:1D:2D:7C:18:71 Static Eth1/1
1 E4:1D:2D:7C:18:72 Static Eth1/2
Number of unicast: 4
Number of multicast: 0
eXtreme Networks Switch
The configuration of static *MAC -> port* mapping table is performed by adding entries
in the *Forwarding Database (FDB)* with the *create fdb vlan ports* command:
* X620-16x.37 # create fdb 90:e2:ba:c9:a4:a9 vlan data ports 11
* X620-16x.38 # create fdb 90:e2:ba:cb:ad:55 vlan data ports 12
and can be verified with the *show fdb* command:
* X620-16x.39 # show fdb
MAC VLAN Name( Tag) Age Flags Port / Virtual Port List
90:e2:ba:c9:a4:a8 control(1000) 0027 d m 3
90:e2:ba:c9:a4:a9 data(1020) 0000 spm 11
90:e2:ba:cb:ad:55 data(1020) 0000 spm 12
Flags : d - Dynamic, s - Static, p - Permanent, n - NetLogin, m - MAC, i - IP,
x - IPX, l - lockdown MAC, L - lockdown-timeout MAC, M- Mirror, B - Egress Blackhole,
b - Ingress Blackhole, v - MAC-Based VLAN, P - Private VLAN, T - VLAN translation,
D - drop packet, h - Hardware Aging, o - IEEE 802.1ah Backbone MAC,
S - Software Controlled Deletion, r - MSRP,
X - VXLAN, Z - OpenFlow, E - EVPN
Total: 3 Static: 2 Perm: 2 Dyn: 1 Dropped: 0 Locked: 0 Locked with Timeout: 0
FDB Aging time: 300
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