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Doc: update installation instructions with Lima documentation build

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......@@ -918,6 +918,16 @@ Install *PyTango*, needed by *Lima*:
Installing package PyTango-debian7-9.5-1.src.rpm
Install the Python modules needed for building the HTML documentation
with Doxygen, Sphinx and Read-the-Docs:
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ . blissrc
(bliss) lid10eiger1:~ % pip install sphinx_rtd_theme breathe
Eiger calibration development: *Seaborn* and *Spyder*
......@@ -1238,6 +1248,13 @@ Compile *Lima*, including *slsDetectorPackage* using *CMake*:
slsdetector sps-image gldisplay edfgz python pytango-server
Build the documentation:
(bliss) lid10eiger1:~/esrf/sls_detectors/Lima % make -C docs html
Add *Lima* to the *PATH*, *LD_LIBRARY_PATH* and *PYTHONPATH* environment variables in
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