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Doc: update Lima Conda compile/install, remove old blissadm setup

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......@@ -1519,6 +1519,16 @@ De-install *libgsl* and *libnuma-dev*:
git fetch --all
Add *Lima* to environment variables in **:
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % cat >> <<'EOF'
export LIMA_DIR
Eiger software: slsDetectorPackage
......@@ -1542,43 +1552,40 @@ plugin:
*Lima* compilation
Compile *Lima*, including *slsDetectorPackage* using *CMake*:
Compile *Lima* as *blissadm*, including *slsDetectorPackage* using the *CMake* commands in *Conda*:
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % \
# as opid00
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % (
cd ${LIMA_DIR}
cp scripts/config.txt_default scripts/config.txt
mkdir -p ${LIMA_DIR}/install/python
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~/esrf/sls_detectors/Lima % \
cp camera/slsdetector/tango/ \
applications/tango/python/camera && \
./ \
--install-prefix=${LIMA_DIR}/install \
--install-python-prefix=${LIMA_DIR}/install/python \
slsdetector numa hdf5 hdf5-bs edfgz edflz4 python pytango-server tests 2>&1
Build the documentation:
for d in third-party/Processlib . camera/slsdetector camera/slsdetector/tango; do
(cd ${d} && mkdir -p build && chmod a+w build);
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~/esrf/sls_detectors/Lima % make -C docs html
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ % (
cd ${LIMA_DIR}
SP_DIR=$(python -c "import sysconfig; print(sysconfig.get_paths().get('platlib'))") \
bash -c '(cd third-party/Processlib && bash -e conda/debug/ && \
(cd . && bash -e conda/debug/ && \
(cd applications/tango/python && \
bash -e conda/ && cp scripts/Lima* ${PREFIX}/bin) && \
(cd camera/slsdetector && \
bash -e conda/camera/ && bash -e conda/tango/'))
Add *Lima* to the *PATH*, *LD_LIBRARY_PATH* and *PYTHONPATH* environment variables in
Build the documentation:
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % cat >> <<'EOF'
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~/esrf/sls_detectors/Lima % make -C docs html
*eigerDetectorServer* and detector firmwares
......@@ -1633,84 +1640,23 @@ Include the Eiger environment at login:
Install Lima Python Tango software in *blissadm*
Install the following packages with *Blissinstaller*:
- Control/Driver/bliss_drivers: needed for *blisspipe*
- Control/Taco/bliss_dserver
- Tango/Server/LimaCCDs-Simulator:
- Python/Modules/PyLimaCore
- Python/MOdules/PyLimaSimulator
- Tango/Server/LimaCCDs-common
- Control/Tango/Applications/Jive
Configure the driver infrastructure by calling *bliss_drivers config*:
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ % bliss_drivers config
Root Password:
Copying /users/blissadm/applications/bliss_drivers/Esrfmap/60-esrf.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-esrf.rules
Starting blisspipe ...
Apply all the suggestions and save before quiting.
Include the *Lima* libraries and modules in the *BLISS_LIB_PATH* and *PYTHONPATH*, respectively:
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ % \
blissrc -a BLISS_LIB_PATH ${LIMA_DIR}/install/lib
blissrc -a PYTHONPATH ${LIMA_DIR}/install/python
Rename the Lima installed directories so they are no longer visible, and create the necessary
symbolic links:
# as blissadm
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % \
cd ~/python/bliss_modules
mv Lima Lima-pack
cd ~/applications
mv LimaCCDs LimaCCDs-pack
cd ~/server/src
mv LimaCCDs LimaCCDs-pack
ln -s ${LIMA_DIR}/install/bin/LimaCCDs
Lima Python Tango server configuration in *blissadm*
Use *jive* server wizard to add the Lima Python Tango device server to
Use *jive* server wizard to add the *LimaCCDs/eiger500k* server to
the Tango database:
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % jive > /dev/null 2>&1 &
Define the server *LimaCCDs/eiger500k* and include it in the *dserver*
local database:
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ % cat ~/local/daemon/config/device_servers
and start it:
# as opid10
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % bliss_dserver -fg start LimaCCDs
Starting: LimaCCDs/eiger500k
(slsdetector-py37) lid10eiger1:~ % LimaCCDs eiger500k
Add LimaCCDs and SlsDetector class devices.
......@@ -1785,35 +1731,6 @@ Add LimaCCDs and SlsDetector class devices.
the *irqbalance* service is stopped before setting the IRQ affinity and restored during application
Finally, configure *opid10* as the default *DSERVER_USER*, which is used
by the *dserver_daemon*
# as blissadm
lid10eiger1:~ % grep DSERVER_USER local/BLISS_ENV_VAR || \
echo 'DSERVER_USER=opid10 export DSERVER_USER' >> local/BLISS_ENV_VAR
and restart the *blcontrol* subsystem:
# as root
lid10eiger1:~ # service blcontrol stop
BL control ...
lid10eiger1:~ # service blcontrol start
BL control ...
.. note:: the latest version of the *daemon_adm* package allows the
propagation of the real-time priority capabilities configured as
resource limits, so **it is safe** to start the server through the
*dserver* remote utility. **If the command *bliss_dserver start* is
used, start the server in background and avoid *-fg* option**, so the
*LimaCCDs* process is decoupled from the terminal, reducing the
risks of CPU blocking.
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