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test_simulator: re-order option list and improve (param) description

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......@@ -74,14 +74,17 @@ TestApp::Pars::Pars()
#define AddOpt(var, opt, par) \
m_opt_list.insert(MakeOpt(var, "", opt, par))
AddOpt(cam_mode, "--cam-mode", "camera mode");
AddOpt(cam_mode, "--cam-mode",
AddOpt(cam_nb_prefetched_frames, "--cam-nb-prefetched-frames",
"nb prefetched frames");
AddOpt(cam_frame_dim, "--cam-frame-dim",
"generator frame dim: WxHxD-T, D=1|2|4, T=Bpp8|16|32");
AddOpt(cam_file_pattern, "--cam-file-pattern", "image file pattern");
AddOpt(cam_file_pattern, "--cam-file-pattern",
"loader image file pattern");
AddOpt(cam_frame_dim, "--cam-frame-dim", "generated frame dim");
AddOpt(cam_nb_prefetched_frames, "--cam-nb-prefetched-frames",
"number of prefetched frames");
CtTestApp::Pars *TestApp::getPars()
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