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Documentation for frame_dim and pixel_size

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......@@ -15,9 +15,10 @@ peaks No N/A A gauss peak list [x0,y0,w0,A0,x1,y1,w1,A1...]
peak_angles No N/A The base rotation angle for each peak
fill_type No Gauss The image fill type: Gauss or Diffraction
rotation_axis No rotationy Peak move policy: STATIC, ROTATIONX, ROTATIONY
frame_dim No 1024, 1024, 4 Size of the frame. Width, height, depth. The depth is one of 1, 2, 4
pixel_size No 1e-6, 1e-6 Pixel size metadata in meter. Default is 1um pixel size
=============== =============== =============== =========================================================================
======================= ======= ======================= ======================================================================
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