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      Merge pull request #1 from jordiandreu/p2roi · 3ec86183
      sebastien-petitdemange authored
      Extend HwROI to Pilatus2 6M detector.
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      Extend HwROI to Pilatus2 6M detector. · a6a2578e
      Jordi authored
      Current implementation of the Hardware ROI management for
      Pilatus3 is extended to Pilatus2 6M model. To restrict this
      extension to the 6M model, the m_has_harware_roi flag is
      initialized to true and is set to false for detector models
       which could not be tested i.e. Pilatus2 2M and 1M models.
      The addition of those  excluded models would be straigh forward.
      Just the extension to deal with Pilatus2 6M is not enough. We
      observe that Pilatus2 6M detector goes to ERROR after sending
      the setroi command. However, this return code from the camserver
      looks a fake, since this was an experimental implementation
      (according to Dectris) and, in fact, the roi is properly set.
      The workaround implemented here ignores this string error and
      sets the detector state to STANBY ONLY for Pilatus2 series,
      because this behavior has been only observed for Pilatus2 6M
      model using the tvx-7.3.13-121212 version.
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