Commit 35f498f4 authored by Aitor Henry's avatar Aitor Henry Committed by Sebastien Petitdemange
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forgot to change comments from an other camera

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......@@ -19,10 +19,10 @@ script:
- echo "copy the camera code from the pull request"
- docker exec lima-ci-docker /bin/sh -c 'cd /root/Lima/camera/pilatus && cp -R /src-ci/* .'
- echo "Compiling Lima and camera basler with options"
- echo "Compiling Lima and camera pilatus with options"
- docker exec lima-ci-docker /bin/sh -c 'cd /root/Lima/ && ./ camera/pilatus python tests cbf fits tiff hdf5 config'
- echo "Executing tests in cmake-build repository"
- echo "Executing tests in build repository"
- docker exec lima-ci-docker /bin/sh -c 'cd /root/Lima/build/ && ctest --timeout 10'
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