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    * Fixed problem catching Exceptions in C++ called from Python · 7ea15f1f
    ahoms authored
      by forcing RTLD_GLOBAL in sys.setdlopenflags
    * Created checksipexc.py script to patch SIP-generated C++
      files in order to handle Exception if not already done
      called from sip/configure.py on all SIP-generated files
    * Added stream-like operator << to Exception appending strings 
      to err_desc; added public methods to query Exception fields
    * Unified Exception throw and debug messages creation through
      DebExcProxy, used by the THROW_COM/HW/CTL_FATAL/ERROR macros,
      allowing Exceptions with dynamic error description;
      applied in core-hardware, espia and frelon code
    * Linking Frelon test programs with shared libraries
    * Created the Frelon::Model class managing all model-specific
      information (name, pixel size, ADC, ...)
    * Detect Frelon serial timeout when creating the Camera and
      suggest the verification of the camera power and connection
    git-svn-id: https://scm.blissgarden.org/svn/lima/trunk@308 45c4679d-1946-429d-baad-37912b19538b
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