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    * Implemented Frelon::Camera::waitIdleStatus, to be called · 3b521e98
    Alejandro Homs Puron authored
      after a Stop command is sent, using getMaxIdleWaitTime,
      which includes in the internal exposure time if 2.x <= FW < 3.0
    * Added Frelon::Camera::syncRegsBadHTD to improve
      initialisation sequence if 2.x <= FW < 3.0:
      + If camera is not idle and not in ExtGate, send a Stop command
      + Always attempt to wait for idle status
      + Force an Aurora link reset on startup to trigger
        FPGA reconfiguration, solving blocking problems
      + Added Frelon::Model::hasHTDCmd (from v2.0c on), used to force
        hardware trigger enabled
    * Improved Frelon::Camera::setExpTime:
      + Better error detection and simpler sequence
      + Round to MinExp (1 us) if positive but less than that
      + Only use Microseconds TimeUnit if Milliseconds is not precise enough
    * Do not start Frelon::Camera if already started
    * Better debug around waitIdleStatus in Frelon::Camera::stop,
      printing real time spent waiting
    * Activate Espia SG Roi in Frelon::RoiCtrlObj::checkEspiaRoi only
      if Camera Roi is different than requested one
    * Export CtSaving feature allowing to manually save multiple
      concatenated frames (stripes) as a single image
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