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    * Using proper Frelon implementation of HardTrigDisable · d3a2a598
    Alejandro Homs Puron authored
      when TriggerMode is IntTrig or while Idle (not running),
      implemented through set/getExtSyncEnable methods
    * Always call Frelon::Camera::stop at the end of acq.;
      hardware layer acq. status is now given by the camera
    * Implement automatic register write retry if seq. is BuSY
    * Force an Aurora link reset at startup only if CHAN_UP_LED
      is detected inactive; wait 5 seconds for Frelon AMT resetup
    * Added new Sequencer and AMT (SPB2) status commands,
      including getImageCount method
    * Test seq. & AMT status at startup; perform HardReset if not idle
    * Added SPB2 (HD) Precision/Speed config settings
    * Replaced FrelonAcq.set/getKinPars by set/getRoiBinOffset;
      implemented set/getRoiLineBegin
    * Removed setting (the ignored) RoiFast in Kinetic RoiMode
    * Added E2V_4k / NotMPP chips, as well as the Hamamatsu
      linear detector; implemented (non-tested) variable
      MaxFrameDim depending of the detected chip
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