Commit d5a1a64b authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron
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New tag : 1.0.11

parent 0e35257f
......@@ -438,11 +438,17 @@ class FrelonAcq:
file_par = self.m_ct_saving.getParameters()
deb.Return('Getting file par: %s' % file_par)
return file_par
def setCommonFileHeader(self, header_map):
deb.Param('Setting common file header: %d keys' % len(header_map))
def writeFile(self, frame_nb):
deb.Param('Writing frame %s to file' % frame_nb)
raise Exception, 'On-demand file writing not implemented yet'
def setAutosave(self, autosave_act):
deb.Param('Setting autosave active: %s' % autosave_act)
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