Commit aaca41af authored by kirov's avatar kirov
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+ Added BufferCtrlMgr to the test

git-svn-id: 45c4679d-1946-429d-baad-37912b19538b
parent 1cc45331
......@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ print "Whether the Acquisition is running : ", acqstat.running
print "Creating Espia.BufferMgr"
buffer_cb_mgr = lima.Espia.BufferMgr(acq)
print "Creating BufferCtrlMgr"
buffer_mgr = lima.BufferCtrlMgr(buffer_cb_mgr)
print "Creating Espia.SerialLine"
espia_sl = lima.Espia.SerialLine(edev)
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