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parent ba3fc21e
......@@ -28,6 +28,26 @@ hw_inter = lima.Frelon.Interface(acq, buffer_mgr, cam)
print "Creating BufferSave"
buffer_save = lima.BufferSave(lima.BufferSave.EDF, "img", 0, ".edf", True, 1)
print "Getting HW detector info"
hw_det_info = hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(lima.HwCap.DetInfo)
print type(hw_det_info)
print "Getting HW buffer"
hw_buffer = hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(lima.HwCap.Buffer)
print type(hw_buffer)
print "Getting HW Sync"
hw_sync = hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(lima.HwCap.Sync)
print type(hw_sync)
print "Getting HW Bin"
hw_bin = hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(lima.HwCap.Bin)
print type(hw_bin)
print "Getting HW RoI"
hw_roi = hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(lima.HwCap.Roi)
print type(hw_roi)
s = raw_input('Reset the hardware? (y/n):')
if s[0] == 'y' or s[0] == 'Y':
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