Commit be21db57 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre Committed by bliss administrator
Browse files python script to test IntTrigMulti on Eiger(1/2)

parent 1fc817af
from Lima import Core,Eiger
import time
import sys
import getopt
class TestIntTrig:
def __init__(self, hw_inter):
self.hw_inter = hw_inter
self.ct = Core.CtControl(self.hw_inter)
self.acq = self.ct.acquisition()
self.sync = self.hw_inter.getHwCtrlObj(Core.HwCap.Sync)
def run(self, nb_frames, expo_time, lat_time):
ranges = self.sync.getValidRanges()
print("Valid ranges: ")
print(f" min_exp_time={ranges.min_exp_time:.7f}, max_exp_time={ranges.max_exp_time:.7f}")
print(f" min_lat_time={ranges.min_lat_time:.7f}, max_lat_time={ranges.max_lat_time:.7f}")
print("Starting acquisition ...")
trigger_delay = []
for i in range(nb_frames):
print("Sending start #{}".format(i))
t0 = time.time()
while self.hw_inter.getStatus().det != Core.DetIdle:
trigger_delay.append(time.time() - t0)
print("Trigger sequence finished")
last_delay = trigger_delay.pop(-1)
ave_trigger_delay = sum(trigger_delay) / len(trigger_delay)
print(f"Average trigger_delay={ave_trigger_delay:.3f}")
t0 = time.time()
while self.ct.getStatus().AcquisitionStatus != Core.AcqReady:
delay = time.time() - t0
delay += last_delay - ave_trigger_delay
print(f"Acquisition finished {delay:.3f} sec after trigger sequence")
if __name__ == '__main__':
verbose = False
nb_frames = 10
expo_time = 0.01
lat_time = 2e-3
opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'vn:e:l:')
for opt, val in opts:
if opt == '-v':
verbose = True
if opt == '-n':
nb_frames = int(val)
if opt == '-e':
expo_time = float(val)
if opt == '-l':
lat_time = float(val)
host = args[0]
if verbose:
#db.setTypeFlagsNameList(['Funct', 'Trace','Fatal'])
cam = Eiger.Camera(host)
hw_inter = Eiger.Interface(cam)
test = TestIntTrig(hw_inter), expo_time, lat_time)
stream_info = hw_inter.getLastStreamInfo()
print(f"Stream info: encoding={stream_info.encoding}, packed_size={stream_info.packed_size}")
stream_stats = hw_inter.latchStreamStatistics()
print(f"Stream stats: ave_speed={stream_stats.ave_speed() / 1e6:.3f} MB/s")
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