Commit b12c5ca2 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron Committed by operator for beamline
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Tango: correct typo in name

parent 870e9b8a
......@@ -235,17 +235,17 @@ class EigerClass(PyTango.DeviceClass):
from Lima import Eiger as EigerAcq
_EigerIterface = None
_EigerInterface = None
_EigerCamera = None
def get_control(detector_ip_address = "0", api_generation = "", **keys) :
global _EigerIterface
global _EigerInterface
global _EigerCamera
if _EigerIterface is None:
if _EigerInterface is None:
args = [getattr(EigerAcq.Camera, api_generation)] if api_generation else []
_EigerCamera = EigerAcq.Camera(detector_ip_address, *args)
_EigerIterface = EigerAcq.Interface(_EigerCamera)
return Core.CtControl(_EigerIterface)
_EigerInterface = EigerAcq.Interface(_EigerCamera)
return Core.CtControl(_EigerInterface)
def get_tango_specific_class_n_device() :
return EigerClass,Eiger
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