Commit 7672f671 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron
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Better interpret detector_readout_time at _synchronize:

* Set m_latency_time to the current value and
  and m_readout_time to the minimum value
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......@@ -659,7 +659,8 @@ void Camera::_synchronize()
synchro.addGet(Requests::DETECTOR_WITDH, m_maxImageWidth);
synchro.addGet(Requests::DETECTOR_HEIGHT, m_maxImageHeight);
synchro.addGet(Requests::DETECTOR_READOUT_TIME, m_readout_time);
double m_latency_time;
synchro.addGet(Requests::DETECTOR_READOUT_TIME, m_latency_time);
synchro.addGet(Requests::DESCRIPTION, m_detector_model);
synchro.addGet(Requests::DETECTOR_NUMBER, m_detector_type);
......@@ -696,6 +697,8 @@ void Camera::_synchronize()
try {
param = Requests::FRAME_TIME;
m_min_frame_time = synchro[param]->get_min().data.double_val;
param = Requests::DETECTOR_READOUT_TIME;
m_readout_time = synchro[param]->get_min().data.double_val;
} catch (const EigerException& e) {
HANDLE_EIGERERROR(synchro[param], e);
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