Commit 0749ee14 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron Committed by operator for beamline
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Interpret $id in filewriter name pattern, expanded to serie_id

parent bb7ffdef
......@@ -283,9 +283,19 @@ void SavingCtrlObj::_PollingThread::threadFunction()
std::string prefix = m_saving.m_prefix;
std::string directory = m_saving.m_directory;
char nb_series[32];
char id_str[] = "$id";
size_t id_pos = prefix.find(id_str);
if (id_pos != std::string::npos) {
char serie_id_str[32];
snprintf(serie_id_str, sizeof(serie_id_str), "%d", m_saving.m_serie_id);
std::string aux = prefix.substr(0, id_pos) + serie_id_str;
size_t id_end = id_pos + sizeof(id_str);
if (prefix.size() > id_end)
aux += prefix.substr(id_end);
prefix = aux;
DEB_TRACE() << DEB_VAR2(directory, prefix);
int total_nb_frames; m_saving.m_cam.getNbFrames(total_nb_frames);
int frames_per_file = m_saving.m_frames_per_file;
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