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......@@ -67,24 +67,32 @@ This plugin has been implemented in respect of the mandatory capabilites .
* HwSync
Supported trigger types are:
Supported trigger mode are:
- IntTrig
- ExtTrigSingle
- ExtTrigMult
- ExtGate
Optional capabilites
* Rolling (standard) vs. Global shutter
The camera can support different trigger modes, please refer to the documentation for more details.
The camera plugin provides commands to change the trigger (shutter) mode, from standard (rolling) to
global. An other mode calls "synchronous" is also available.
* Cooling
- Cooling method : Peltier cooling
- Cooling temperature : Forced air (Ambient at +25 Celsius):-10 Celsius
- The TUCam SDK allows accessing the temperature (R/W).
- Cooling temperature : Forced air (Ambient at +25 Celsius): -10 Celsius
- The TUCam SDK allows accessing the temperature target (R/W).
* HwRoi
Roi parameters (x, y , width, height) must be power of 2 and > 32
Roi parameters (x, y , width, height), thanks to Lima you can set any Roi but
to activate a real Hw Roi the camera only support x offset as factor of 4 and width as factor of 8.
* HwBin
......@@ -115,6 +123,9 @@ For a quick test one can use the python binding, here is a short code example:
cam = Dhyana.Camera()
# set temperature cooling
# Get the hardware interface
hwint = Dhyana.Interface(cam)
......@@ -13,6 +13,14 @@ Property name Mandatory Default value Description
======================== =============== ================================= =====================================
internal_trigger_timer No 999 Soft timer to generate software
trigger in millisecond.
temperature_target No n/a To start cooling the detector (C)
trigger_mode No STANDARD Tucam trigger mode:
trigger_edge No RISING To set the trigger level:
======================== =============== ================================= =====================================
......@@ -21,12 +29,14 @@ Attributes
======================= ======= ======================= ======================================================================
Attribute name RW Type Description
======================= ======= ======================= ======================================================================
global_gain rw DevUShort Global gain setting on the sensor, from 0 to 10
global_gain rw DevString Global gain setting on the sensor, HDR, HIGH or LOW
fan_speed rw DevUShort FAN speed for cooling, from 0 to 10
temperature ro Devdouble Temperature of the sensor
temperature_target rw Devdouble Temperature target
firmware_version ro DevString Firmware version
tucam_version ro DevString TUCAM SDK version
trigger_mode rw DevString Tucam trigger mode: STANDARD, GLOBAL or SYNCHRONOUS
trigger_edge rw DevString To set the input trigger level: RISING or FALLING
======================= ======= ======================= ======================================================================
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