Commit eb94dde3 authored by Samuel Debionne's avatar Samuel Debionne

Merge branch '4-inttrigmult-wrong-camera-status' into 'master'

Fixed Camera::getStatus() when trigger is IntTrigMulti and detector is Readout

Closes #4

See merge request !4
parents 41382656 5c3b6062
......@@ -1208,7 +1208,7 @@ void Camera::getStatus(Camera::Status& status)
AutoMutex aLock(m_cond.mutex());
status = m_status;
//Check if camera is not waiting for trigger
if(status == Camera::Exposure &&
if((status == Camera::Exposure || status == Camera::Readout) &&
m_trigger_mode == IntTrigMult)
// Check the frame start trigger acquisition status
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