Commit e7d03374 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

Fix for mt-safe in error exception handling

parent ac965455
......@@ -203,13 +203,11 @@ namespace lima
void reset();
// -- andor specific
void _mapAndorError();
bool andorError(unsigned int code);
void initialiseController();
void initAdcSpeed();
void setAdcSpeed(int adc);
void getAdcSpeed(int& adc);
void getAdcSpeedInMhz(float& adc);
void getAdcSpeedInMhz(float& adc);
void initVsSpeed();
void setVsSpeed(int vss);
void getVsSpeed(int& vss);
......@@ -269,8 +267,6 @@ namespace lima
int m_camera_number;
at_32 m_camera_handle;
AndorCapabilities m_camera_capabilities;
string m_camera_error_str;
int m_camera_error;
struct Adc
......@@ -304,12 +300,11 @@ namespace lima
float m_exp_time_max;
float m_kin_time;
#if defined(WIN32)
long m_ring_buffer_size;
long m_ring_buffer_size;
int m_ring_buffer_size;
map<int, string> m_andor_type_maps;
map<int, string> m_andor_error_maps;
} // namespace Andor
} // namespace lima
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