New Features

  • Build system has been refactored to use CMake, a cross-platform build system (Windows and Linux)
  • Building camera either standalone or using Lima as master project
  • Better support for C++ developers (with CMake packages)
  • Install.(sh|bat) to ease build and installation for CMake averse :-)
  • Conda binary packages for processlib, LImA core and some cameras and pytango device server for Linux and Windows platforms
  • Support for Python 3
  • CI running on ESRF's Gitlab instance
  • Documentation improvements and migrated to ReadTheDocs (https://lima1.readthedocs.io)
  • Use semantic versionning
  • New HDF5 layout, direct chunk and bitshuffle LZ4 / gzip compression support
  • New BPM pytango plugin, Beam Position Monitor
  • Simulator improvements (new prefetch and read from files modes)