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# Sshade
Python program aiming at creating xml files for filling the spectroscopy database SSHADE.
The program takes a specific ods file and, based on several xml templates, creates the necessary xml files.
You should have installed: lxml, pyexcel, pyexcel-ods
You should change the TemplatePath in this file.
In the NoteBook, you should type:
import sys
import csv2xml
my_directory = "" with the path of your data
Several functions are implemented:
- convertion of the ods file into as many csv files as spreadsheets in the ods file:
use csv2xml.ods_converter(my_directory,"my_odsfile")
- for experimentalists, use csv2xml.experimentalist_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
- for laboratories, use csv2xml.laboratory_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
- for samples:
-- for pellets, use csv2xml.sample_pellet_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
-- for frozen solution, use csv2xml.sample_frozen_solution_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
-- for HP/HT solution, use csv2xml.sample_HPHT_solution_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
- for experiments_spectra:
-- for experiments with at max 1 varying parameter (instrument, spectral range -ie the edge-, sample composition or condition),
use csv2xml.experiments_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
-- for experiments with 2 varying parameters (instrument, sample composition or condition),
use csv2xml.experiments_structure_file_writer(my_directory,"my_csvfile")
- to process several files of the same type, use multiple_file_writer(my_directory,"writer_type"),
writer_type being experimentalist, laboratory, pellet, frozen_solution, HPHT_solution, experiments_spectra or
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