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How to install *X-SOCS* on Linux
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Video tutorials
When things do not work as expected
Project Resources
- `Source code repository <>`_
- `Issue tracker <>`_
Trouble shooting
Using XSocs through ssh
XSocs is using OpenGL2.1 for QSpace visualization.
When running through ssh, there are a few reasons that can avoid the display of the 3D QSpace visualization:
- Make sure to use ``ssh -X`` to enable X11 forwarding.
- Both server and client computers must have the same kind of GPU drivers
(either both using proprietary NVidia drivers or both using open source drivers),
otherwise only OpenGL1.4 is available.
- "Indirect GLX" must be enabled on the local computer.
This can be set in the configuration of the display manager or the X server (requires root access).
On Debian 8, for kdm, add ``+iglx`` after ``ServerArgsLocal=...`` in ``/etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc`` and restart the x server.
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