Commit 81a11a14 authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent

check that energy is defined (but might be different)

parent 413f05e9
......@@ -621,7 +621,9 @@ class QSpaceConverter(object):
check_values(params, 'n_positions', 'Number of X/Y positions')
check_values(params, 'img_size', 'Images size')
if beam_energy_check:
check_values(params, 'beam_energy', 'Beam energy')
# Check that beam_energy is defined in each scan
if None in [scan_p['beam_energy'] for scan_p in params.values()]:
errors.append('Beam energy not available for all scans.')
if channels_per_degree_check:
check_values(params, 'chan_per_deg', 'Chan. per deg.')
if direct_beam_check:
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