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......@@ -9,3 +9,4 @@ When running through ssh, there are a few reasons that can avoid the display of
See `Using OpenGL through ssh <>`_ in `silx <>`_ documentation for more information.
You can disable the 3D view of the QSpace with the ``--no-3d`` option from the command line.
......@@ -75,3 +75,9 @@ Q space Parameters
* - ``Coordinates``
- Select the coordinate system of the QSpace histogram.
Either **Cartesian** or **Spherical**.
The conversion from **Cartesian** to **Spherical** coordinates is as follows:
* Radius: :math:`\sqrt(qx^2 + qy^2 + qz^2)`
* Roll (Phi) in degrees: :math:`degrees(\pi/2 - arctan2(qz, qy))`
* Pitch (Theta) in degrees: :math:`degrees(\pi/2 - arccos(qx/radius)`
......@@ -31,15 +31,15 @@ The next page gives you the choice between:
To load data that has already been merged, select the `master` file of the merged data (the file that contains links to all entries).
Once the project is created, the `Project summary`_ page is displayed.
#. **Import SPEC data** to import K-map data from SPEC and EDF files.
#. **Import SPEC data** to import K-map data SPEC and EDF files from the ESRF ID01 beamline.
X-SOCS will merge the SPEC file and the EDF images into HDF5 files.
See `Merge SPEC and EDF to HDF5`_ below.
See `Merge ID01 SPEC and EDF to HDF5`_ below.
Merge SPEC and EDF to HDF5
Merge ID01 SPEC and EDF to HDF5
When using X-SOCS to merge data the following window is displayed:
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