Commit ec60a3f4 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet
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Removed some leftover testing code.

parent 6b1c29cf
......@@ -159,8 +159,8 @@ class XsocsH5(XsocsH5Base):
def scan_positions(self, entry):
path = self.measurement_tpl.format(entry)
params = self.scan_params(entry)
m0 = '/adcX'#{0}'.format(params['motor_0'].decode()[-1].upper())
m1 = '/adcY'#{0}'.format(params['motor_1'].decode()[-1].upper())
m0 = '/adc{0}'.format(params['motor_0'].decode()[-1].upper())
m1 = '/adc{0}'.format(params['motor_1'].decode()[-1].upper())
n_0 = params['motor_0_steps']
n_1 = params['motor_1_steps']
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