Commit a38b1679 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet


parent ca36b45b
......@@ -29,13 +29,15 @@ __authors__ = ["D. Naudet"]
__license__ = "MIT"
__date__ = "01/11/2016"
from silx.gui import qt as Qt, icons
import os
from silx.gui import qt as Qt, icons
from ..model.ModelDef import ModelColumns
from .IntensityGroup import IntensityGroup, IntensityItem
from ..model.NodeEditor import EditorMixin
from .Hdf5Nodes import H5GroupNode, H5NodeClassDef, H5DatasetNode
from .XsocsH5Factory import h5NodeToProjectItem
from ..model.Node import Node
......@@ -121,16 +123,34 @@ class FitButton(EditorMixin, Qt.QWidget):
icon = icons.getQIcon('item-1dim')
button = Qt.QToolButton()
button = Qt.QToolButton()
style =
icon = style.standardIcon(Qt.QStyle.SP_DialogSaveButton)
def __clicked(self):
# node = self.node
event = {'event': 'fit'}
def __export(self):
fitItem = h5NodeToProjectItem(self.node)
workdir = fitItem.projectRoot().workdir
itemBasename = os.path.basename(fitItem.fitFile).rsplit('.')[0]
itemBasename += '.txt'
dialog = Qt.QFileDialog(self, 'Export fit results.')
dialog.selectFile(os.path.join(workdir, itemBasename))
if dialog.exec_():
csvPath = dialog.selectedFiles()[0]
class FitHeightNode(Node):
className = 'height'
......@@ -146,7 +166,7 @@ class FitWidthNode(Node):
attribute=('XsocsClass', 'FitItem'))
class QSpaceItemNode(H5GroupNode):
class FitItemNode(H5GroupNode):
editors = FitButton
groupClasses = [(None, FitHeightNode),
(None, FitCenterNode),
......@@ -132,20 +132,20 @@ class FitView(Qt.QMainWindow):
item = event['item']
with item.fitH5 as fitH5:
sampleX, sampleY = fitH5.scan_positions()
sampleX, sampleY = fitH5.scan_positions
if dtype == 'height':
xData = fitH5.x_height()
yData = fitH5.y_height()
zData = fitH5.z_height()
xData = fitH5.x_height
yData = fitH5.y_height
zData = fitH5.z_height
elif dtype == 'center':
xData = fitH5.x_center()
yData = fitH5.y_center()
zData = fitH5.z_center()
xData = fitH5.x_center
yData = fitH5.y_center
zData = fitH5.z_center
elif dtype == 'width':
xData = fitH5.x_width()
yData = fitH5.y_width()
zData = fitH5.z_width()
xData = fitH5.x_width
yData = fitH5.y_width
zData = fitH5.z_width
raise ValueError('Unknown event {0}.'.format(dtype))
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ __date__ = "15/09/2016"
import weakref
from contextlib import contextmanager
import numpy as _np
import numpy as np
from .XsocsH5Base import XsocsH5Base
......@@ -42,60 +42,79 @@ class FitH5(XsocsH5Base):
q_fit_path = 'q{0}fit'
status_path = 'success'
def scan_positions(self):
path_tpl = FitH5.scan_positions_path + '/{0}'
x = self._get_array_data(path_tpl.format('x'))
y = self._get_array_data(path_tpl.format('y'))
return x, y
with self:
return self.sample_x, self.sample_y
def x_fit(self):
return self.__get_fit('x')
sample_x = property(lambda self:
self._get_array_data(FitH5.scan_positions_path + '/x'))
def y_fit(self):
return self.__get_fit('y')
sample_y = property(lambda self:
self._get_array_data(FitH5.scan_positions_path + '/y'))
def z_fit(self):
return self.__get_fit('z')
x_fit = property(lambda self: self.__get_fit('x'))
def __get_fit(self, axis):
height = self.__get_data(axis, 'height')
center = self.__get_data(axis, 'center')
width = self.__get_data(axis, 'width')
return height, center, width
y_fit = property(lambda self: self.__get_fit('y'))
z_fit = property(lambda self: self.__get_fit('z'))
x_height = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('x', 'height'))
y_height = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('y', 'height'))
def x_height(self):
return self.__get_data('x', 'height')
z_height = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('z', 'height'))
def x_center(self):
return self.__get_data('x', 'center')
x_center = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('x', 'center'))
def x_width(self):
return self.__get_data('x', 'width')
def y_height(self):
return self.__get_data('y', 'height')
y_center = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('y', 'center'))
def y_center(self):
return self.__get_data('y', 'center')
z_center = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('z', 'center'))
def y_width(self):
return self.__get_data('y', 'width')
def z_height(self):
return self.__get_data('z', 'height')
x_width = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('x', 'width'))
def z_center(self):
return self.__get_data('z', 'center')
y_width = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('y', 'width'))
def z_width(self):
return self.__get_data('z', 'width')
z_width = property(lambda self: self.__get_data('z', 'width'))
status = property(lambda self: self._get_array_data(FitH5.status_path))
def __get_fit(self, axis):
with self:
height = self.__get_data(axis, 'height')
center = self.__get_data(axis, 'center')
width = self.__get_data(axis, 'width')
return height, center, width
def __get_data(self, axis, data):
data_path = FitH5.q_fit_path.format(axis) + '/{0}'.format(data)
return self._get_array_data(data_path)
def set_status(self, status):
return self._get_array_data(FitH5.status_path)
def export_txt(self, filename):
with self:
with open(filename, 'w+') as res_f:
res_f.write('X Y '
'height_x center_x width_x '
'height_y center_y width_y '
'height_z center_z width_z '
'|q| status\n')
x_height, x_center, x_width = self.x_fit
y_height, y_center, y_width = self.y_fit
z_height, z_center, z_width = self.z_fit
q = np.sqrt(x_center ** 2 +
y_center ** 2 +
z_center ** 2)
status = self.status
x, y = self.scan_positions
for i, s in enumerate(status):
r = [x[i], y[i],
x_height[i], x_center[i], x_width[i],
y_height[i], y_center[i], y_width[i],
z_height[i], z_center[i], z_width[i],
q[i], s]
res_str = '{0}\n'.format(' '.join(str(e) for e in r))
class FitH5Writer(FitH5):
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