Commit 863a7423 authored by Carsten Richter's avatar Carsten Richter

Merge branch 'shift-update' into 'master'

Update shift widget

Closes #7

See merge request !97
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......@@ -57,9 +57,9 @@ class IntensityItem(ProjectItem):
return self.path.rsplit('/')[-1]
def getScatterData(self):
entry = self.entry
intensity = self._get_array_data(self.path)
scanPositions = self.xsocsH5.scan_positions(entry)
scanPositions = self.xsocsH5.scan_positions(
self.xsocsH5.entries()[0] if self.entry == 'Total' else self.entry)
return intensity, scanPositions
def getPointValue(self, index):
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This diff is collapsed.
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