Commit 7855f5ab authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent

Generalized qspace axes (to support spherical coordinates)

parent 8bee41da
......@@ -53,9 +53,10 @@ class Roi3DSelectorWidget(Qt.QWidget):
sigRoiChanged = Qt.Signal(object)
""" Signal emitted when one of the slider is moved. The new ranges are
passed to the listener : a dictionary with three SliderState instances,
one for each axis.
"""Signal emitted when one of the slider is moved.
The new ranges are passed to the listener as
a tuple of three SliderState instances, one for each axis.
sigRoiToggled = Qt.Signal(bool)
......@@ -74,72 +75,35 @@ class Roi3DSelectorWidget(Qt.QWidget):
grpLayout = Qt.QVBoxLayout(grpBox)
self.__xRoiWid = RoiAxisWidget('X')
self.__yRoiWid = RoiAxisWidget('Y')
self.__zRoiWid = RoiAxisWidget('Z')
self.__roiWidgets = (
RoiAxisWidget(''), RoiAxisWidget(''), RoiAxisWidget(''))
for widget in self.__roiWidgets:
def __slotSliderMoved(self, sliderEvt):
Slot called each time a slider moves.
:param sliderEvt:
sender = self.sender()
if sender == self.__xRoiWid:
xState = sliderEvt
yState = self.__yRoiWid.getSliderState()
zState = self.__zRoiWid.getSliderState()
elif sender == self.__yRoiWid:
xState = self.__xRoiWid.getSliderState()
yState = sliderEvt
zState = self.__zRoiWid.getSliderState()
elif sender == self.__zRoiWid:
xState = self.__xRoiWid.getSliderState()
yState = self.__yRoiWid.getSliderState()
zState = sliderEvt
elif sender == self.__grpBox:
raise RuntimeError('Unknown sender.')
self.sigRoiChanged.emit({'x': xState,
'y': yState,
'z': zState})
def __slotSliderMoved(self, _):
"""Slot called each time a slider moves."""
[widget.getSliderState() for widget in self.roiAxisWidgets()])
def isActive(self):
return self.__grpBox.isChecked()
def xSlider(self):
Returns the RangeSlider for the X axis
return self.__xRoiWid.slider()
def sliders(self):
"""Returns all ROI widgets sliders
def ySlider(self):
Returns the RangeSlider for the X axis
:rtype: List[RangeSlider]
return self.__yRoiWid.slider()
return tuple(widget.slider() for widget in self.__roiWidgets)
def zSlider(self):
Returns the RangeSlider for the X axis
def roiAxisWidgets(self):
"""Returns all RoiAxisWidget
:rtype: List[RoiAxisWidget]
return self.__zRoiWid.slider()
return self.__roiWidgets
class FitWidget(Qt.QWidget):
......@@ -222,13 +186,9 @@ class FitWidget(Qt.QWidget):
# Set sliders range and step
with qspaceH5:
qx = qspaceH5.qx
qy = qspaceH5.qy
qz = qspaceH5.qz
qDimensions = qspaceH5.qspace_dimension_values
for slider, binCenters in ((self.roiWidget().xSlider(), qx),
(self.roiWidget().ySlider(), qy),
(self.roiWidget().zSlider(), qz)):
for slider, binCenters in zip(self.roiWidget().sliders(), qDimensions):
slider.setPositionCount(len(binCenters) + 1)
min_, max_ = bin_centers_to_range_step(binCenters)[:2]
slider.setRange(min_, max_)
......@@ -252,14 +212,13 @@ class FitWidget(Qt.QWidget):
qspace = self.__qspaceH5.qspace_slice(index)
z_sum = qspace.sum(axis=0).sum(axis=0)
cube_sum_z = qspace.sum(axis=2)
y_sum = cube_sum_z.sum(axis=0)
x_sum = cube_sum_z.sum(axis=1)
for profile, slider in ((x_sum, self.roiWidget().xSlider()),
(y_sum, self.roiWidget().ySlider()),
(z_sum, self.roiWidget().zSlider())):
dim2_sum = qspace.sum(axis=0).sum(axis=0)
cube_sum_dim2 = qspace.sum(axis=2)
dim1_sum = cube_sum_dim2.sum(axis=0)
dim0_sum = cube_sum_dim2.sum(axis=1)
for profile, slider in zip((dim0_sum, dim1_sum, dim2_sum),
slider.setGroovePixmapFromProfile(profile, colormap='jet')
def setOutputFile(self, outputFile):
......@@ -288,17 +247,17 @@ class FitWidget(Qt.QWidget):
fitType = self.__fitTypeCb.itemData(self.__fitTypeCb.currentIndex())
if self.roiWidget().isActive():
x0, x1 = self.roiWidget().xSlider().getPositions()
y0, y1 = self.roiWidget().ySlider().getPositions()
z0, z1 = self.roiWidget().zSlider().getPositions()
if x0 == x1 or y0 == y1 or z0 == z1:
message = "QSpace ROI is void: cannot perform fit"
Qt.QMessageBox.critical(self, "QSpace ROI Error", message)
roiIndices = [[x0, x1], [y0, y1], [z0, z1]]
roiIndices = [slider.getPositions()
for slider in self.roiWidget().sliders()]
# Check that roi ranges are not empty
for min_, max_ in roiIndices:
if min_ >= max_:
message = "QSpace ROI is void: cannot perform fit"
Qt.QMessageBox.critical(self, "QSpace ROI Error", message)
roiIndices = None
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