Commit 690cf466 authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent
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Avoid h5py deprecation warning

parent b30abfe8
......@@ -125,7 +125,15 @@ class XsocsH5Base(object):
You MUST call :meth:`close` for each call to this method
if self.__file is None:
self.__file = _h5py.File(self.__h5_f, self.mode)
if self.mode is not None:
self.__file = _h5py.File(self.__h5_f, self.mode)
# Behavior close to h5py 2.x default mode:
# Try RW first then RO mode
self.__file = _h5py.File(self.__h5_f, mode='a')
except IOError:
self.__file = _h5py.File(self.__h5_f, mode='r')
self.__file_count += 1
def close(self):
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