Commit 653674b2 authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent

Make a background_estimation method

parent 9138f3a3
......@@ -62,6 +62,31 @@ class BackgroundTypes(object):
def background_estimation(mode, data):
"""Estimates a background of mode kind for data
:param BackgroundTypes mode: The kind of background to compute
:param numpy.ndarray data: The data array to process
:return: The estimated background as an array with same shape as input
:rtype: numpy.ndarray
:raises ValueError: In case mode is not known
# Background subtraction
if mode == BackgroundTypes.CONSTANT:
# Shift data so that smallest value is 0
return np.ones_like(data) * np.nanmin(data)
elif mode == BackgroundTypes.LINEAR:
# Simple linear background
return np.linspace(data[0], data[-1], num=len(data), endpoint=True)
elif mode == BackgroundTypes.NONE:
return np.zeros_like(data)
raise ValueError("Unsupported background mode")
class PeakFitter(Thread):
:param str qspace_f: path to the HDF5 file containing the qspace cubes
......@@ -456,19 +481,8 @@ def _fit_process(th_idx, roiIndices=None):
x_sum = cube_sum_z.sum(axis=1)
# Background subtraction
if fit_background == BackgroundTypes.CONSTANT:
# Shift data so that smallest value is 0
for array in (z_sum, y_sum, x_sum):
array -= np.nanmin(array)
elif fit_background == BackgroundTypes.LINEAR:
# Simple linear background
for array in (z_sum, y_sum, x_sum):
array -= np.linspace(
array[0], array[-1], num=len(array), endpoint=True)
elif fit_background != BackgroundTypes.NONE:
raise RuntimeError("Unsupported background subtraction")
for array in (z_sum, y_sum, x_sum):
array -= background_estimation(fit_background, array), i_cube, x_sum, y_sum, z_sum)
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