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......@@ -41,18 +41,23 @@ Building *X-SOCS* from the source requires some `Build dependencies`_.
Building from source
Download the source from the `gitlab repository <>`_::
Clone the source `repository <>`_::
git clone
Then cd into xsocs::
Or download the source as a `zip file <>`_ and unzip it.
Then go into the xsocs directory::
cd xsocs
And install xsocs, either system-wide (requires root privileges)::
And install xsocs either with minimal dependency (to use from scripts)::
pip install . [--user]
pip install .
or with all graphical user interface dependencies::
or for the current user only::
pip install .[gui] [--user]
pip install . --user
.. note::
The ``--user`` optional argument installs X-SOCS for the current user only.
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