Commit 5f1ca045 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet

output_dir in the merge widget is now set by the wizard.

its value is the dirname of the project file.
parent 4e0edd6f
......@@ -168,7 +168,8 @@ class SelectDataPage(Qt.QWizardPage):
if source == 'XSOCS':
self.__nextId = XsocsWizard.LoadXsocsId
if source == 'SPEC':
mergeWid = MergeWidget(parent=self)
outputDir = os.path.dirname(self.wizard().projectFile)
mergeWid = MergeWidget(parent=self, output_dir=outputDir)
if mergeWid.exec_() == Qt.QDialog.Accepted:
xsocsH5 = mergeWid.xsocsH5
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