Commit 5c1f52a3 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet

Fix in QSpaceConverter

parent 4d08a1ea
......@@ -393,14 +393,14 @@ class QSpaceConverter(object):
if (image_binning is None
or None in image_binning
or len(image_binning) != 2
or image_binning.min() <= 0):
or min(image_binning) <= 0):
errors.append('- "image binning" : must be an array of two'
' strictly positive integers.')
if (qspace_dims is None
or None in qspace_dims
or len(qspace_dims) != 3
or qspace_dims.min() <= 0):
or min(qspace_dims) <= 0):
errors.append('- "qspace size" must be an array of three'
' strictly positive integers.')
return errors
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