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Commit 598c0d7e authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent

code style

parent aaa91dda
......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ def _fit_process(index,
"""Run fit processing.
It loads a QSpace, extracts a ROI from it, project to axes,
......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ def _fit_process(index,
:param FitTypes fit_type: The kind of fit to perform
:param BackgroundTypes background_type:
The kind of background subtraction to perform
:param Union[List[List[int]],None] roiIndices:
:param Union[List[List[int]],None] roi_indices:
Optional QSpace ROI start:end in the 3 dimensions
:return: Fit results as a list of results for dim0, dim1 and dim2
:rtype: List[List[Union[float,bool]]]
......@@ -378,15 +378,15 @@ def _fit_process(index,
qspace = qspace_h5.qspace_slice(index)
# apply Qspace ROI
if roiIndices is not None:
dim0Slice = slice(roiIndices[0][0], roiIndices[0][1], 1)
dim1Slice = slice(roiIndices[1][0], roiIndices[1][1], 1)
dim2Slice = slice(roiIndices[2][0], roiIndices[2][1], 1)
if roi_indices is not None:
dim0_slice = slice(roi_indices[0][0], roi_indices[0][1], 1)
dim1_slice = slice(roi_indices[1][0], roi_indices[1][1], 1)
dim2_slice = slice(roi_indices[2][0], roi_indices[2][1], 1)
axes = [axis[roi] for axis, roi in
zip(axes, (dim0Slice, dim1Slice, dim2Slice))]
hits = hits[dim0Slice, dim1Slice, dim2Slice]
qspace = qspace[dim0Slice, dim1Slice, dim2Slice]
zip(axes, (dim0_slice, dim1_slice, dim2_slice))]
hits = hits[dim0_slice, dim1_slice, dim2_slice]
qspace = qspace[dim0_slice, dim1_slice, dim2_slice]
# Normalize with hits and project to axes
projections = project(qspace, hits)
......@@ -396,12 +396,16 @@ def _fit_process(index,
for array in projections:
array -= background_estimation(background_type, array)
# Fit/COM
fit = {FitTypes.CENTROID: centroid,
FitTypes.GAUSSIAN: gaussian_fit}[fit_type]
result = [fit(axis, values) for axis, values in zip(axes, projections)]
# Select Fit/COM function
if fit_type == FitTypes.CENTROID:
fit_func = centroid
elif fit_type == FitTypes.GAUSSIAN:
fit_func = gaussian_fit
raise RuntimeError("Unsupported fit type: %s" % fit_type)
return result
# Fit/COM for projections on each axes
return [fit_func(axis, signal) for axis, signal in zip(axes, projections)]
# Center of mass
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