Commit 4e2b2b90 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet
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Added scan angles and acquisition_params methods.

parent 51e27525
......@@ -83,6 +83,10 @@ class XsocsH5(XsocsH5Base):
return self.__entries[:]
def scan_angle(self, entry):
# TODO : get the correct angle name
return self.positioner(entry, 'eta')
def get_entry_name(self, entry_idx):
Get the entry found at position *entry_idx* (entries names sorted
......@@ -169,6 +173,22 @@ class XsocsH5(XsocsH5Base):
y_pos = self._get_array_data(path + m1)
return (x_pos, y_pos)
def acquisition_params(self, entry):
beam_energy = self.beam_energy(entry)
direct_beam = self.direct_beam(entry)
pixel_size = self.pixel_size(entry)
chan_per_deg = self.chan_per_deg(entry)
detector_orient = self.detector_orient(entry)
result = OrderedDict()
result['beam_energy'] = beam_energy
result['direct_beam'] = direct_beam
result['pixel_size'] = pixel_size
result['chan_per_deg'] = chan_per_deg
result['detector_orient'] = detector_orient
return result
def scan_params(self, entry):
return self.__command_params(entry,
['motor_0', 'motor_0_start',
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