Commit 4dc6ec55 authored by Damien Naudet's avatar Damien Naudet

Using setFixedWidth instead of stylesheet.

parent 4310e19a
......@@ -113,15 +113,13 @@ class StyledLineEdit(Qt.QLineEdit):
return super(StyledLineEdit, self).event(ev)
class StyledLabel(Qt.QLabel):
class FixedSizeLabel(Qt.QLabel):
Styled QLabel.
_padding = 2
def __init__(self, parent=None, nChar=None):
super(StyledLabel, self).__init__(parent)
super(FixedSizeLabel, self).__init__(parent)
self.__nChar = nChar
self.setFrameStyle(Qt.QFrame.Panel | Qt.QFrame.Sunken)
......@@ -141,17 +139,10 @@ class StyledLabel(Qt.QLabel):
Sets the style sheet.
sheet = ''
if self.__nChar is not None:
# There are two stylesheet units "em" and "xm" that I tried,
# but the results were not satisfactory.
fm = self.fontMetrics()
width = fm.width('M') * self.__nChar
height = fm.height()
sheet += """StyledLabel{{ max-width: {0}px;
min-width: {0}px;
max-height: {1}px;
min-height: {1}px;}}
""".format(width, height)
# see QLabel::indent doc for the reason behind the width('x')/2
width = fm.width('M') * self.__nChar + (fm.width('x') / 2)
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