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Commit 3b1c1bac authored by Thomas Vincent's avatar Thomas Vincent

split peak_fit method to make blocking one work again

parent 14765f07
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ class FitWidget(Qt.QWidget):
for progress in self.__fitter.peak_fit(blocking=False):
for progress in self.__fitter.peak_fit_iterator():
self.__progBar.setValue(int(100 * progress))
......@@ -154,23 +154,25 @@ class PeakFitter(object):
results = property(lambda self: self.__results)
def peak_fit(self, blocking=True):
"""Run fit/com processing
def peak_fit(self):
"""Blocking execution of fit/com processing.
:param bool blocking:
True for blocking until the end of the processing,
False for yielding progress during the processing.
It returns the fit/com result
self.__results = None
for _ in self.__peak_fit():
return self.results
if blocking:
for _ in self.__peak_fit():
for progress, _ in enumerate(self.__peak_fit()):
yield progress / len(self.__indices)
def peak_fit_iterator(self):
"""Run fit/com processing as a generator.
It yields a progress indicator in [0, 1].
for progress, _ in enumerate(self.__peak_fit()):
yield progress / len(self.__indices)
def __peak_fit(self):
self.__results = None
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(self.__n_proc)
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