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.. role:: bash(code)
:language: bash
Starting X-SOCS
Once installed, you can run XSOCS from the console with either::
Once installed, you can run X-SOCS from the command line with:
.. code-block:: bash
python -m xsocs
Or from the python interpreter:
>>> from xsocs.gui import xsocs_main
>>> xsocs_main()
or, alternatively with ``python -m xsocs``.
This will open X-SOCS main window, with no project loaded.
| Main window |
| .. image:: img/main_view.png |
.. figure:: img/main_view.png
:align: center
Main Window
You can then load an :ref:`existing project <load_project>`
or :ref:`create a new one <create_project>`.
Command line options
Some options are available from the command line:
.. program-output:: python -m xsocs help
Graphical User interface
.. program-output:: python -m xsocs help gui
Datasets concatenation
.. program-output:: python -m xsocs help concat
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