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v2020.11.0: 2020/11/13
......@@ -4,14 +4,22 @@ Installation
*X-SOCS* supports `Python <>`_ versions >= 3.4 (recommended) and 2.7.
Binary wheels of the latest development version of X-SOCS are available for Linux and Windows (for python >= 3.6) in the *X-SOCS* `wheelhouse <>`_.
Binary wheels of X-SOCS are available for Linux and Windows (for Python >= 3.6):
- Latest release in *X-SOCS* `package repository <>`_.
- Development version in *X-SOCS* `wheelhouse <>`_.
To install *X-SOCS* with minimal dependency (to use from scripts)::
pip install --pre --find-links xsocs [--user]
pip install --extra-index-url xsocs [--user]
or with graphical user interface dependencies::
pip install --extra-index-url xsocs[gui] [--user]
To install the current development version::
pip install --pre --find-links xsocs[gui] [--user]
.. note::
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