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This script will build and install lima project, with arguments pass as explained.
the install directory can be change by adding as argument --install-prefix=path_you_want.
Same for the python install directory, add --install-python-prefix=path_you_want.
USING scripts/config.txt FILE :
once you have executed a first ./ a config.txt file is created in scripts/ directory.
If you plan to compile with the same parameters a lot of time you can edit this file and select your options.
Then you just have to run ./ and lima will compile with what you asked in config.txt.
By default camera simulator is always compile. You can change that with editing config.txt file : "LIMACAMERA_SIMULATOR=0" instead of "LIMACAMERA_SIMULATOR=1"
execution :
"install.[bat | sh] [--install-prefix=path] [--install-python-prefix=path] [--find-root-path=path] [options]"
[options] : can be any camera name or saving format.
saving format available : edf, cbf, tiff, lz4, gz, hdf5, fits.
other otions are : _ python : Build python wrapping.
_ pytango-server: install the PyTango server python code
_ tests : compile unitest in build directory.
(execute "ctest" in build/ to run them)
_ config, sps, gldisplay : for the fun !
examples :
./install.[bat | sh] basler python cbf
-> compile and install lima with camera basler with python wrapping and cbf saving format.
-> install directory for C library and python library will be in default directory.
this is equivalent to change config.txt with this options :
./install.[bat | sh] --install-prefix=${HOME} tests
-> compile and install lima only with camera simulator, also compiling simulators tests.
-> the install directory is set in the home directory (${HOME})
install directory can't be put in the config.txt file for the moment.
./ --git [options]
-> clone and checkout on cmake branch every submodule in [options]
-> BE CAREFUL : if you have others submodules already init, it will try to checkout on branch cmake on them.
Type ./ --help for instructions.
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