Commit db6eab29 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron Committed by operator for beamline
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Install: use argparse in to decode command line options

parent 4c8c2aed
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ import sys, os
import platform, multiprocessing
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
import contextlib
import argparse
prog_description = 'Lima build and install tool'
OS_TYPE = platform.system()
if OS_TYPE not in ['Linux', 'Windows']:
......@@ -47,22 +50,29 @@ def ch_dir(new_dir):
class Config:
defaults = {
'git': False,
'find-root-path': '',
'source-prefix': '',
'config-file': 'scripts/config.txt',
'build-prefix': 'build',
'build-type': ('RelWithDebInfo' if OS_TYPE == 'Linux'
else 'Release'),
'install': False,
'install-prefix': '',
'install-python-prefix': '',
bool_map = {'yes': True, 'no': False}
def get_bool_opt_default(klass, val):
for o, v in klass.bool_map.items():
if val == v:
return '__%s__' % o
raise ValueError('Invalid value: ' + val)
# return (val, explicit), where explicit is True if val was
# specified as argument, or False if val is the default option value
def get_bool_opt(klass, val):
val = val.lower()
for o, v in klass.bool_map.items():
if val == o:
return v, True
if val == '__%s__' % o:
return v, False
raise ValueError('Invalid value: ' + val)
def __init__(self, argv=None):
self.cmd_opts = {}
self.extra_opts = []
self.cmd_opts = None
self.config_opts = None
self.cmake_opts = None
self.git = None
......@@ -71,52 +81,62 @@ class Config:
def decode_args(self, argv):
for arg in argv:
if arg in ['--help', '-help', '-h', '-?']:
for opt in self.defaults:
if arg == '--no-%s' % opt:
arg = '--%s=no' % opt
prefix = '--%s' % opt
if arg == prefix:
self.set_cmd(opt, True)
prefix += '='
if arg.startswith(prefix):
val = arg[len(prefix):]
val_map = {'yes': True, 'no': False}
val = val_map.get(val.lower(), val)
self.set_cmd(opt, val)
build_type = ('RelWithDebInfo' if OS_TYPE == 'Linux'
else 'Release')
cwd = os.getcwd()
if not self.get('source-prefix'):
self.set_cmd('source-prefix', cwd)
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=prog_description)
parser.add_argument('--git', action='store_true',
help='init/update Git submodules')
help='CMake find_package/library root path')
parser.add_argument('--source-prefix', default=cwd,
help='path to the Lima sources')
help='file with configuration options')
parser.add_argument('--build-prefix', default='build',
help='directory where binaries are built')
parser.add_argument('--build-type', default=build_type,
help='CMake build target')
help='perform installation [yes, no]')
help='directory where Lima is installed')
help='install directory for Python code')
parser.add_argument('mod_opts', metavar='mod_opt', nargs='+',
help='module/option to process')
self.cmd_opts = parser.parse_args(argv)
# do install if not explicitly specified and user
# included install-[python-]prefix
install, explicit = self.get_bool_opt(self.get('install'))
install_prefix = (self.get('install-prefix') or
install = True if not explicit and install_prefix else install
self.set_cmd('install', install)
# if config-file or build-prefix are relative, make them abs
for opt in ['config-file', 'build-prefix']:
p = self.get(opt)
if p and not os.path.isabs(p):
self.set_cmd(opt, os.path.join(cwd, p))
def set_cmd(self, x, v):
self.cmd_opts[x] = v
def get(self, x, check_defaults=True):
if x in self.cmd_opts:
return self.cmd_opts[x]
return self.defaults[x] if check_defaults else ''
setattr(self.cmd_opts, self.to_underscore(x), v)
def add_extra(self, x):
def get(self, x):
return getattr(self.cmd_opts, self.to_underscore(x))
def get_git_options(self):
return self.extra_opts
return self.get('mod-opts')
def get_cmd_options(self, check_defaults=False):
opts = dict(self.defaults) if check_defaults else {}
for arg in self.extra_opts:
def get_cmd_options(self):
opts = dict([(self.from_underscore(k), v)
for k, v in self.cmd_opts._get_kwargs()])
for arg in opts.pop('mod-opts'):
for oprefix, sdir in [("limacamera", "camera"),
("lima-enable", "third-party")]:
sdir += '/'
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