Commit c387cffe authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre
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Update Andor plugin and applications

parent c989eed3
Subproject commit 5d80244e437929605db1791fae87f00efdb340df
Subproject commit 28f28a7578fabb352c38d66180723ed9e8a4e6f0
Subproject commit 823e13f71579018f6eaa7e467a383e5c7810ec93
Subproject commit fced1224e7cb4d04221ced7b29851214ebba1865
Subproject commit ebf07003627c450752b16654435a47de400b4004
Subproject commit e88cdcd5e912958a7cff491a47885553699f8b1b
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