Commit bcb2dd5c authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron
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* Added new minor 1.1.0 tags for core, simulator, espia, frelon, and maxipix

  in hardware plugins and TACO/TANGO applications
parent b0a976f5
taco @ abf42bc7
Subproject commit b70d8c5cbb1896ee790788d0fb9b013b6478ca6b
Subproject commit abf42bc7b60fd61731facc46cb2ac23201414c11
tango @ 3d447596
Subproject commit b1752836eb431ebc7e7e0a3eee5b3a2048919d28
Subproject commit 3d4475961215f1c8b1b1201e9899618a41c29ccb
espia @ 366dfc9e
Subproject commit 3f70f69c02aee7e941ecaa96cfe67d6241892710
Subproject commit 366dfc9e8119c3cf1718cf81cd32fe89305bbf79
frelon @ 9289e83d
Subproject commit 4edce4af8a71e72f9c69ae89a15ad10946e16a0e
Subproject commit 9289e83ded03168c9f67873845c9dc985a8d3354
maxipix @ 7d76abde
Subproject commit 4fdad20da3b936832c149768896b0004750b1bd7
Subproject commit 7d76abde78de3567f227e2e44b8342bfed6bf7f9
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